Voodoo Golf club is a very effective name from the nightlife regarding the area, since there is no one who has not really stopped at it even the moment for taking off the fun. It really is that shop that monopolizes the interest of all night Athens since, by the very first moment that we were introduced, it promoted the principle of absolute enjoyment, receiving the interest of all the Athenian audiences who else select that fanatically for you to live the concept connected with leisure to its maximum education.

This season transfers to the third floors of the Gazi tunes lounge, with the vitality and the amazing enjoyment to stay unchanged. His or her every day party, combined having the genuine Greek ingredient that always celebrities, is definitely one of the aspects that put it so large on the preferences of the world and offered him the title of one of often the largest hot spots of Athens. The magic having Voodoo is that even when you never have chosen the idea for your most important take in, you will always end up entertained there until this beginning hours, since that is indeed the a person that closes its entrance doors last, and keeps Gazi in First line regarding nighttime Athens selections.

This best dj’s will turn out to be hanging for a further season from the decks connected with Voodoo club Gkazi, removing our enjoyable with often the tunes being always fitted, in addition to moving on most kinds, starting from really vibrant vibes to great ballads as time goes. With the uncomfortable environment being some sort of exclusive item of Voodoo, and incredible events to frame it is weekly schedule create the correct structures to make your own personal enjoyment softer.

voodoo Entertainment in Voodoo is a confirmed strategy, since anyone who visits it as soon as, immediately turns it right into a permanent hangout as it trips it again and once again. The winter for Voodoo looks epic, since this only change will be the spot, with the entertaining staying left untouched and the Athenian audience dancing and even performing there until the particular early time.